Welcome to the latest iteration of mosaik!

In the past of course we were much like Facebook, except we were around waaaay before Facebook existed and unfortunately were waaaay less profitable, though we like to think that if we hadn't spent so much time drinking we might have all been multimillionaires like Zuckerberg by now. But we're not, so unfortunately this site is all you're going to get from us as we slave away at our proper jobs.

But what a site it is! Frankly, we have no idea what to do with it, so we decided to do anything and let all former Mosaik collaborators edit the content in a similar way that they used to.

Who knows where this will lead us. To chaos? To greatness? To a useful description (finally) of how eggs work?

Let's find out!

- dotdavid

New Stuff!

We've got some new stuff coming soon, watch this space ->    <-